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Lazy Eye / Amblyopia

RevitalVision is the only FDA-approved therapy with efficacy claim for vision improvement in children ages 9+ and adult amblyopia,

with no upper age limit. When patching is no longer effective!


Lazy Eye / Amblyopia

The program is indicated for amblyopic age 9 and up, with best corrected vision between 20/30 and 20/200, there is no limitation on refraction. Eye deviation should not exceed 8 prism diopter. The goal of the amblyopia program is to improve best corrected vision.

  • Improves VA (2+ VA lines on average)
  • Improves CS (100% on FACT sine wave on average)
  • Improves Stereo Acuity & Binocular functions

Contra Indication

• Eye deviation exceeding 8 prism diopter
• Diplopia
• Epilepsy


• Unstable vision/ vision fluctuations
• Severe untreated attention disorder

Treatment Criteria

• BCVA up to 20/100 (6/30) - Unilateral amblyopia
• BCVA up to 20/200 (6/60) - Bilateral amblyopia
• Any amblyogenic background
• Cognitive intact
• Motivated to complete 40 training sessions in a 3-month period

Treatment Protocol

• Patient has to be best corrected, adapt prior to training, and wear the correction all day through the training period
• If anisometropia is higher than 3.5 diopters, the patient should be prescribed contact lenses only. (to overcome the Aniseikonia which supports suppression)
• Training is done while the dominant eye is blurred with a semi-transparent white cover
• Patient should keep the blurred eye open underneath the cover
• Bilateral amblyopia – starts with 2 eyes open. After 40 sessions, once the dominant eye gains stable improvement, reset the program and ask the patient to start monocular training to maximize vision in the weaker eye.
• 40 training sessions
• Follow-up exam is recommended after 20 and 40 sessions

Remark: this is a stand-alone therapy, there is no need to combine it with patching therapy.

Clinical Follow up

• BCVA distance
• Stereo acuity (Randot or Titmus fly)
• Binocular functions (Worth 4 dot)
• Contrast Sensitivity (FACT sine wave test) - recommended

Example of patients with a high need for the program

• Patients missing 1-2 VA lines to qualify for a driving license
• Bilateral amblyopia
• Loss of vision in the dominant eye due to disease or trauma
• Late diagnosis of children age 9+
• Patients missing 1-2 VA lines to qualify for specific work criteria (Pilot/Army/ Police/ Air Traffic Control etc.)
• Professional athletes


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