Post Cataract Surgery

Designed to enhance the results of cataract surgery.

The program is especially recommended to:

Patients who find it difficult to adjust to the new vision post-surgically,

Patients suffering from reduced contrast sensitivity and difficulties in seeing at night.

The goal of the post-cataract program is to improve vision quality and shorten the neuro-adaptation period in a fast and effective manner.

Post Cataract Surgery
Contrast sensitivity may be low despite of normal visual acuity!*


In many cases, the difficulty to see well after cataract surgery is a result of the reduction in contrast sensitivity, which is very common after cataract surgery. The difficulty to see well is also associated with the brain’s need to adjust to the new lens and vision, this adjustment process is known as neuro-adaptation.

The reduction in contrast sensitivity is especially common among patients with multifocal IOL, which are designed with several focal points to accommodate different distances. This structure challenges different neurons in the visual cortex, responsible for processing different areas and distances, resulting in reduced detection points and increased surrounding neural noise levels, causing low contrast sensitivity.


*Contrast sensitivity should be measured in FACT sine wave test chart only. Standard contrast sensitivity letter test charts are unable to demonstrate the low contrast sensitivity against the normal CS spatial frequency range.


The average vision improvement is 150% in contrast sensitivity (back to normal range)



Treatment Protocol

• Patient trains with his habitual vision (with their daily correction – with or without distance glasses)
• 30 training sessions in a 2-month period
• Follow-up exam is recommended after 15 and 30 sessions

Clinical Follow Up

• Habitual VA distance
• Contrast Sensitivity (FACT sine wave test) - recommended


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