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RevitalVision is a perceptual learning- vision training- software program, scientifically and clinically proven to improve the brain’s visual processing. It provides additional significant vision improvement, beyond what is currently available by only treating the eyes.

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Using Brain Science to Outdo Results

RevitalVision is currently the only FDA approved therapy with efficacy claim for vision improvement in adult amblyopia (9+) with no upper age limit, and is effective in improving vision in a number of other visual impairments and conditions (see program list below).
  • Clinically Proven and Tested Worldwide
  • Published in Peer Reviewed Medical Journals
  • Supported by a World Renowned Medical Advisory Board
The only FDA aproved Results
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Lazy Eye / Amblyopia

Lazy Eye / Amblyopia

Read Without Glasses

Read Without Glasses

Post Cataract Surgery

Post Cataract Surgery

Low Myopia

Low Myopia

Sports Vision

Sports Vision

After Lasik

After Lasik

Eye Diseases /
Low Vision

Eye Diseases / Low Vision

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The Average Improvement is:

  • 2.5 Lines on a Visual Acuity Eye Chart (ETDRS)
  • 100% Increase in Contrast Sensitivity (FACT sine wave)
  • Improvement in Stereo & Binocular functions in amblyopia
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Low contrast sensitivity​​

Low contrast sensitivity​​

Normal contrast sensitivity​

Normal contrast sensitivity​

Improvement simulation of Visual Acuity

Improvement simulation of Visual Acuity

Research and Publications:

List of scientific publications

List of clinical studies & posters


That’s really revolutionary.
This non-invasive program significantly improves people's ability to read. We see permanent long term type change!
Dr. Brian Boxer,

Doctors FAQ

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What is the difference between RevitalVision and other available amblyopia software programs?

RevitalVision is used to improve vision in amblyopic adults as a standalone therapy and when patching is no longer effective! It is the only FDA approved treatment with efficacy claims for adult amblyopia age 9 and up!
Other amblyopia software programs are mostly used to treat children, when patching therapy may still be effective and are not indicated as a standalone therapy. They are indicated to be used in combination with patching in children.
Additional amblyopia software programs are used to treat convergence insufficiency.

Is RevitalVision using Dichoptic Therapy (Binocular training)?

No, RevitalVision uses unique perceptual learning technology, scientifically and clinically proven with randomized controlled double-blind studies, published in pear reviewed medical journals. Unlike binocular training programs, RevitalVision is FDA approved for adult amblyopia as a standalone therapy.

How does RevitalVision improve uncorrected vision in people with normally developed visual cortex (low myopia and presbyopia)?

By improving the brain's visual processing to perform better than normal, it compensates for some blurry image caused by the small refractive error.

How dose RevitalVision impact refraction in low myopia and presbyopia patients?

RevitalVision has no effect on patient refraction nor on patient accommodation capabilities. It enables patients with small refractive error to see better without correction despite of the small refractive error.

What clinical evidence do we have?

More than 20 clinical studies tested the efficacy of RevitalVision in different clinical indications, by different clinicians and in different countries (USA, Europe and Asia), all showing similar clinical outcome. 7 studies have been published in pear reviewed medical journals, 3 of them are randomized controlled studies. Most of the studies are available on our website.

How dose RevitalVision improve vision in pathologies?

Possible explanation of the improvement mechanism is the lack of prolonged effective cortical stimulation, caused by a blurred or damaged image transferred from the retina to the brain, results reduced cortical activity. Thus, in addition to the anatomical damage to the eye, there is secondary gradually-evolved damage to the quality of the image processing in the brain.
Similar to amblyopia, effective stimulation and perceptual learning process enables significant improvement in cortical activity, resulting in improved visual acuity and contrast sensitivity, despite the absence of any anatomical improvement or changes during the course of the disease.

What is RevitalVision success rate?

85% of patients improve by 2 – 2.5 VA lines (in ETDRS/ LogMar) and 100% in contrast sensitivity (using FACT sine wave test), approximately 10% do not respond.

Is the improvement stable?

Yes, follow up of 1-2 years in clinical studies shows the improvement gained with RevitalVision remains. In fact, amblyopic patients demonstrate additional spontaneous improvement in CS and Stereo after 1 year from completing the program.
Just like learning to walk, riding a bicycle and learning to swim have a long-lasting effect, so does RevitalVision.

Can patient purchase the program without doctors prescription?

With the exception of Post Cataract and Sports Vision programs, all other programs require clinical examination and prescription.

Is the program covered by health insurance?

Currently, the program is paid privately. However, the company had started a process of applying for a CPT code in the USA with the goal of achieving health insurance reimbursement for the amblyopia program.

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