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Read Without Glasses

The program is indicated for people aged 40-55 who just started the need for reading glasses or already started using reading glasses in the past year, with “addition” use up to +1.5 and with uncorrected near visual acuity between Jaeger 1 to 5.

The goal of the Presbyopia program is to delay the need for reading glasses by 4-5 years.


Read Without Glasses

Blurred vision from the eyes can be improved by enhancing brain visual processing. The improved processing capabilities compensate for some blurry image caused by the minor refractive error.

The average near vision improvement is 2 lines in Visual Acuity and 100% in Contrast Sensitivity.


Unlike eye exercise programs that focus on relaxing eye muscles, RevitaVision’s neural training is clinically and scientifically proven to improve uncorrected vision in early presbyopic people, The program has no effect on refraction or on accommodation.

Treatment Criteria

• People whose daily activities will be significantly improved by even 2 lines of improvement in near uncorrected vision.
• Motivated to complete 30 training sessions in a 2-month period

Treatment Protocol

• Patient trains with or without distance glasses – the software will instruct
• 30 training sessions in a 2-month period
• Follow-up exam is recommended after 15 and 30 sessions

Clinical Follow Up

• Uncorrected Near VA


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